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Ladies...quick question


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Im just wondering what the best way to apply mascara is. I always wear it, adn wear a lot. I like my eyes to be very dark. I already have very long lashed so im not worried botu the length at all ( my friend even measured my lashes once, dont memba the length tho but htey were double or more than eeryone else lol .....ne ways....) The problem is, I cant get that full, evenly spread out look. My friend told me to use a soft brush on the top and brush down, then a regular brush for the outside and brush up. I just bought a soft brush and i wanna try it, but before i do...does ne one kno a good way to use it, or another technique that gets beautfiul lashes??

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well we all wish we can have those beautiful lashes seen on those cover-girl commercials...but that's practically all done by computer. I'm a pretty big mascara fan myself, and the way i apply is i use a brush to separate my lashes perfectly ...and then put a few coats of mascara...how i do it is i close my eye on the mascara brush so the lash will curl on it's own...and they always turn out long and full looking! Now if that still doesn't satisfy you...you can always buy those fake eyelashes that look real...my friend had them and they looked great! You can even apply mascara to them and no one can tell they're fake!

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Hey Colls!!


i have a terrific idea for you, as i once had the same problem. You can actually buy mascara that is double ended,it has white liquid at one end and the normal black mascara at the other end. The white liquid is applied first,(sort of as un under coat) and then you apply the mascara as usual.It works wonders at seperating the lashes and makes you look a million dollars! I cant remember the name of the one that i use,but im sure if you went into a chemist or beauty shop they would definitely have some.


Good luck!!

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