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hey you guys i know i write alot about the same topic, i just have a very analytical mind thats constantly trying to break things down. So about 4 mths ago i told the ex i just want to be friends. At the time she probably didn't understand, but the things she had previously done and said to me wouldn't be forgotten. She tried to always throw other dudes in my face, even my best friend and roomate, everything seemed to try to make me jealous. Rather than show jealousy though, I would tell her you could do what you want, then she would say i'm not supposed to want that, then don't say it. We got together so quickly, i neva got a chance to really get to know this person, so her comments early in the relationship really turned me off to the person who i thought was a good one.


Maybe she was trying to get some response out of me, but you don't do it like that. I felt as though i couldn't trust her or anything because of her mouth. This mad me uncomfortable calling, asking to do things and even see her. I've neva told her this, i just did what i had to do. Then she used to get frustrated because i didn't do these things for her. She then found herself having to call me most of the time and asking to come see me. She talk this dude that dude but karma used to always get her, because women would flock over me at the time she would be present...so i neva had to talk trash, the proof was there.


Anyway we tried the friendship thing. Ok we would try to call each other maybe once a week or weekend. I still was in the same mind frame so my calling was less than hers. It had went from once a week or weekend to neary everyday calling me, but not really talking about anything. Still using the same tactics trying to make me jealous (used everything in the book), it seemed like she just wanted to hear me down and out. I wouldn't give her that for the world. Finally when i saw these calls were producing nothing, we got into an argument because i said well if you're not trying to see me why are you calling me like you're my girlfriend? She said i don't have to call you or see you cause we just friends. I agreed but at the same token don't call this much either, you're not being my friend you're trying to manipulate me.


I ended up hanging up and felt horribly beacuse what if this person was alling for a good reason but is shy. I don't like hurting people. So i tried to call and i was told i'll call you back, neva got a call back, cool. I've been through this b4, where now i usually run after her, but for some reason this time its not in me, why do i feel this way and how should i handle this?

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Of course you know that most women are going to say "NO WERE NOT EVIL". I can tell you that you can get a good woman or an evil woman. Sometimes depending on who your dating, you can get two in one. I thiink when you have to start asking your self questions like this, its time to let go, before you start actually believing that all women are evil. I'm a good woman, but I can be bad. Most human beings are this way. It sounds to me like, you are so hurt and confused that you are painting a canvas of all women being like this one you're having trouble with. Give yourself some time away from her ,before you end up building a nerousis about all women. This will hurt you in the future for any new potential relationships.

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