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This is Really Strange


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Hi, I'm new here;


I found this site two months ago when my girlfriend broke up with me and ever since, I have been keeping track of the forums, they're really helpful. I haven't really felt a need to post until now.


When the break first happened I was acting so clingy and needy to my ex, I knew she didn't like it but I did it anyway. When I read up about No Contact I decided to give that a try. After two weeks of No Contact she called me and we talked for a long while, we caught up with the last two weeks of our lives and it felt really good to talk to her.


After this she called me once every two or three days and we would talk. This pattern continued on and off for the next month.


This is where it gets weird...


When we were dating we always told each other that we would be there for one another, we meant this to such an extent that we even had keys to each other's houses. During our relationship she would sometimes come over in the night upset about something and I would be there to talk to her.




Last night I was sleeping sound in my bed, I was woken up by the sound of my bedroom door opening, I didn't think much of it because i'm used to people in my house coming in and out of my room to get things since my bedroom kinda doubles as a storage room and i'm used to being awaken during the night because of this. Well, I was just laying on my side with my eyes partially open, to my shock and surprise it wasn't a family member at all, it was my ex girlfriend... I didn't know why she was there but I didn't say or do anything, I think I was in shock. She climbed into my bed with me, grabbed my arm and pulled it around her. I still didn't say anything, she fell asleep and son after, I did too.


At first I was convinced that I was just dreaming but when I woke up she was still in the same spot. I got up, made breakfast and brought it upstairs for us to eat together. We missed school today and she just went home, that's why I have time to type all this out.


I know a lot of people would look at this and immediately say "creepy" but I don't see it as anything creepy. Does anybody know what this means? Does she want me back?

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I think maybe you should have asked HER this question before she left, I assume you guys talked right? what did she have to say?


my thoughts:

1. she may want to get back with you, but why didn't she say so then?

2. she may just be using you for comfort, without wanting to get into a relationship again. you have to decide if this is acceptable for you.

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Thanks Everybody,


to answer the age question, I'm 17, I'll be turning 18 in July, she's 17 turing 18 in November.


I'll make the best of it and won't bring it up, if something has to be said i'm sure she'll say it... right?

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I dunno, why do things need to be said? That seemed like a really tender moment to me. I wouldn't read anything into it though, just enjoy and know she obviously misses you.

Talking and analyzing it would ruin everything.


because now the OP is confused (enough to post) and doesn't know where things are headed, and that can be scary when a person's emotions are on the line.

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My ex did the same thing to me the first time she broke up with me. She came in while i was asleep and crawled into bed with me. Though she said that this doesn't change anything i just wanted to be held tonight. We kind of made me mad but didn't say anything because i wanted her back. Well she go back with her ex several months later and broke up with him and got back with me and we were together for seven more months until she gave me the same excuse again "I'm too young to be tied down" We have been broken up for 5 weeks now and i hope she will come back again after she finds what she wants but who knows? Good Luck Man!!

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It seems like she used you for physical comfort... but if you didn't mind don't let it bother you (I sure wouldn't if my ex did that). If she wanted to get back together with you she would've said it out front without that whole scenario. I don't think she wants to. Maybe she's waiting for you to say it. But it won't turn out good to get back together just to be physical. It'd be like fwb.

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