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I am on the Nuva Ring and and altough I still get cramps, headaches, etc they are much less severe then when I was on the pill.


It's very easy to insert and remove. If inserted properly you don't feel it at all. You just sort of insert it the same as a tampon, and to remove just hook your finger and pull gently. My partner says that he can feel it but it doesn't bother him.


You can take the ring out for a few hours at a time, if it does bother your partner.


It does slip out occasionally during sex, which is the only problem I have with it.


There was a post not too long about titled "Baby Control" and there I found out that you can get the Mirena implant without having children first. So I would maybe look into Mirena as well as the Nuva Ring.


Although I would like to add that I still use condoms!

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