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A new twist on depression


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Today I realized something interesting.


I haven't been alive back long (23 years) but as I look back on my life, I regret the good times more than I regret the bad times.


Good times are fleeting. They sneak into and out of your life like thieves. But bad times are charming in their familiarity. Part of me hopes the rest of this year turns out bad rather than good.


I regret the good times more than I regret bad times. I haven't figured out all the implications of this yet, but I'm sure they are numerous and interesting.

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I've come to realize that life is just a series of up and downs and I always get really nervous when things have been going good for a while.


Not sure if that statement has anything to do with what you are referring to.

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You're kidding about the "I hope this year turns out bad...", right? I mean, c'mon... Who in their right mind wants a bad year?


I've had a bad year, and it looks like it may be slowly picking up, but regardless, the following things have happened to me this year:

1.) Graduated college.

2.) Left my hometown.

3.) Left by my girlfriend.

4.) Accepted a job I hate.

5.) Moved to a city where I know nobody.


...I'm done with the pissing contest, but as you can imagine, it's been a living hell this year, especially when I saw "her" on the internet with another guy. So needless to say, I simply think life sucks and I wouldn't mind dying. HA!

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