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Not sure..


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Ok.. Im confused to if my pregnancy is well I dont know.


I last had sex on the 20th of March.

Went for an early scan on the 1st of May and this is what the papers say "The utertus contains a sac within the uterine cavity measuring 2.8cm in diameter. Echogenic material is present within the sac, some of whch may represent a small yolk sac. No identifiable fetal pole present.... Possible early intrauterine gestation. Viability cannot be confirmed. A failed pregnancy cannot be exclueded"


They didnt really explain ANYTHING to me. When I went for my scan I wouldve been about 6 weeks. Now im 7 tomorrow I guess. Shouldnt they have been able to see something more than a sac?


I dont understand whats going on. Maybe because of my age they think its not important to tell me?


Please be explainging it to me..



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They're saying it may or may not be a viable fetus... you'll know in a few weeks, most probably. At this point, you might see anything if you spontaneously miscarry (just a near-microscopic speck), but you may. I don't know, I'm not a girl.

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Have you actually taken a pregnancy test at home or had a blood test done at the doctors?


It sounds like there is a gestational sac with some fluid but it may be too early to tell if your embryo has failed to begin developing or if it is, in fact developing now.

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