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mouth si?

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does biting the inside of your mouth count as si?


i have been biting my lips, inside my cheeks, my tongue, for as long as i can remember. i do this very often too, more than any other si.


i have done this so many times, and so badly that i actually minutely shortened my tongue, and have scars on the insides of my lips and cheeks.


i don't do this consciously, however. i usually are feeling fine as far as i know, ill be reading something, writing, something, or playing a video game, and the next thing i know, my eyes are tearing from the pain, (which i don't feel until later), or until i taste blood.


i grind my teeth too.


i have tried to stop, but as i am usually not aware that i am doing it in first place, it has been rather difficult.


i am just curious. and feel free to share other "maybe-si"s that you may have.

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I used to bite the inside of my mouth back when I was in high school. The dentist told me it could lead to oral cancer and that was all it took for me to knock it off. I don't know if it actually would, but hey, why chance it. I catch myself doing it on rare occasion now, mostly in times of stress or nerves.

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