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Guest ignitedchicken

This has been a pretty bad week. Well more of a bad weekend i am not new here im just returning from a "misunderstanding" which was by far the worst timing in the world...i hurt a good friend emotionally i wont say the story again because last time everyone just assumed i was toying i havent slept in about 2 days spent some time of the forum yesterday i think it was after i had the shoeprint in my butt i searched online of painless ways a person could die..at this point i dont know why im rambling on about my weekend wont change anything..started to lose my grip on things so i took a sleeping pill to make sure i wouldnt do anything but that didnt put me to sleep..i have a place on my body with all the names of people i hate written tiny( dont know how this fit into my weekend) i almost added a name today i thought the person was cold but they showed some heart..dying wouldnt be to bad all my worries will be gone..funny how im not afraid of that.....im done talking about nothing


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