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The real problem isn't a closure or getting over the ex I think

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It's actually taking the half we've given them back and dusting off their remains off us. We were perfectly happy individuals, and I stress the word INDIVIDUALS before meeting them. We are perfectly capable of surviving on our own, with our friends, with the new opportunities.


Getting our FREEDOM back isn't a trivial thing.

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This is something I've been trying to tell myself A LOT!! My ex was my first love, first "real" relationship, first everything really


Before him, I wasn't the type of girl that bothered with boys/worried about being single etc. I was/am very studious and worked hard at school/college and my part time job every weekend. I loved going out with my friends of course, going out might involve the odd kiss with a specimen of the opposite sex, but that was it and that kinda suited me fine, unlike a LOT of my friends who seemed to suffer from "I need a boyfriend" syndrome.


SOOOO I get what you are saying, completely!!! I think it's just really hard to put in perspective when it's the ex as an INDIVIDUAL that we miss and love and feel rejected by, not the concept of a bf/gf....because I have and can easily live my life without one.......it's HIM I miss.

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It -is- really hard to focus on the individual aspect of it. We were happy once without them but a part of us was happy with them and getting back to that is definitely something you have to take the time to do. I always thought of myself as a girlfriend. Now I have to focus on myself and how to be a better person by myself before entering into anything new. It's all I knew too for the longest time.


We'll survive, we just have to take the time to figure out how.

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