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don't want to mess up

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ok. it's a bit of a miracle, but i went to a party tonight and the guy i was seeing was there. i had no idea. he said hi and it was awkward -- he had sent me some nasty emails to leave him alone -- and he asked to speak with me alone, and he aplogized for being harsh. from that point on we chatted all night, as various people i knew came up to me to talk. i played it cool. now what? i shouldn't call, right? i need him to come to me. i've been told that a good rule of thumb is to not talk to someone for a month. does anyone have a good plan of action? i miss him and want to rekindle things.

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thank you swingfox.

i, however, don't think he is waiting for an opening. i think he just wants to be friends and i don't think i have the courage to bring up getting back together. we broke up because i hadn't known him long, and i was getting too needy. a friend of mine was dying of lung cancer. i just don't think he could deal with it and when i was away for a few weeks, he lost interest and started dating other people. is it best to build a friendship first with no pressure? should i not call at all and see if he rings before xmas? any suggestions? i think this will take a while if i'm ever going to get him to look at me 'like that


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