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What To Do When She Wants You Back????

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So last saturday night we had our talk...i basically did the breaking but we both seemed to be in agreement..the convo went something like...her talking about how afraid she was to hurt me and i reassured her i wasnt going to be hurt and that if anything i was so afraid if i left her then she might go into a bad place like she had before...this escalated to us ending it and in the moment it seemed way to easy...as if both were thinking it and had a certain sense of relief also come to find out both of us had been entertaining the idea of other people..not like cheating but flirtations and desires worth feeling guilty for...the whole wondering if its greener on the other side.


Well, she called the very next day around 10 o clock wishing she could take it back....wanting me back...saying everything i wanted to hear...this was sunday....we talked for some time and that night i basically left it as....lets just keep to things as they are right now...being about as vague as possible...today we talked and after a little fluff we got back to us...she was really upset and just told me how much she knows im the one and that she loved me and even propositioned the question of what it would take for her to prove it...I held strong in saying that right now my heart and head are conflicted and that i needed time......


the thing is ...i dont know how i feel about her...its like..i love her...and i know we really have a lot of fun in each others company...but i dont know...we have good chemistry both very sexual...but i just feel like sometimes there is that spark thats missing...i wonder sometimes if its because we skipped that get to knowing each other phase where most couples get to experience that spark....maybe its because we were friends for so long before...logically speaking it seems like we should be in that stage but instead it feels as if we have jumped ahead to the stage id imagine a relationship being at the ol..say three year mark. This wouldnt be so much of a problem but i feel both of us see this lack of spark as a sign saying were not right for each other...i dont know maybe it is...but the fact is i really love her...she wants me back...says she really loves me...but i dont know if love is enough...i dont know if i can continue to handle all the baggage she brings to the relationship....and i dont want to be back in this position that we seem to so often get ourselves into...have been together in the past but under very different terms.


where is a staples easy button when you need one.

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