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What on earth will i do

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i have two loves.

i am in love with my ex and am falling in love with someone i can never have. how can i get him. he has a gf, my friend to be exact, i cant hurt her. they aren't really going out because her parents made her break-up with him. even if i did have a chance my Ex doesn't mind,but he says that he will prob never go out with me, because of some rule that guys have to never date their ex's, although my ex says it wouldnt bother him at all. what do i do. do i keep it inside or tell him how i feel? i am going through hell right now i want my ex back, but he is falling for some barbie and i hate her.

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you sure know how to make your point....You can't do anything about who he choices to like, or love for that matter...it's simple really, if you want him to know you have to tell him, Right...if you keep this inside it's just going to create more of that "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" feeling like you expressed already.. can't get over him because your in love with him right, well falling in love has it's advantages and it's disadvantages.. you over time will *one day* ^hopefully^ get over him and move on, your desires will fade into nothing but memories about how you were so head over heals for one person, it just takes some time.



"i suggest you edit your post with the amounts of H's on the bottom, it makes it hard to read"

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I will tell you that i am still loving my ex just as much. Read my post - 7 mins of your time is all i need.


But the difference is, i don't like another person. I am pretty commited to one even though he broke up with me. Just now he said, we aren't similar. Well, i wil let him dwell on that. It is scary if two people are similar. So its his guy thing, i won't prob in that. Just letting time do the job.


I told him that i am still loving him, now, 10 yrs and its a fact i can never change. it might also be true tht i might marry someone i will never love as much as this guy i was with. He's just so much to me. But he didn't see a future with me - because i didn't give him enough security. I am not a secure enough person. I would want to know how does security actually grow? Through actions? Words? behavior? etc..


If u mean something, tell him. He will understand. Only time will tell.


Good luck

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I think you need 2 choose which one you love more, its not fair on either of them if you choose one eventually just becoz the other rejected you. Its not quite right to date someone coz they were ur plan b.


THe person going out with your friend could still be in love with your friend even though they aren't allowed to date and you know you're not going to hurt her feelings so I'd ask her and probably tell her instead that you like her guy. If she doesn't like him no more then make the move...


Happy Heb

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