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I posted a topic about my ex calling me. Didn't know what to do. Well she called again tonight and left another message. This time I tred to call her back, but she was at her bf's. What does this mean? She's the one that told me we couldn't be friends and now less than a week she's called twice in 2 days, saying she wanted to talk to me. What's up with that?

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The nature of the calls seems friendly. She's said she hadn'tt alked to me in awhile and wanted to see if things were ok and that she wanted me to call he rback b/c she wanted to talk to me. Then the other call she said she was trying to get ahold of me and if I wanted to call her I could and if not then she'd talk to me later.

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I would recommend if you left a message or she has caller ID wait for her to call back. If not go ahead and call, but don't have any expectations.


She may just want to soothe something on her mind by knowing you doing okay or bad either way.


Keep the conversation civil and light hearted, enjoy it, but don't obsess it.

Steer it your way. And end it when your ready. Don't drag it out. If she wants to talk again at another point she will either call you or ask you to call her.


It's just a call, don't think of it as more or you just open old wounds. She's in a relationship, don't ever let a person use you to justify their feelings.


Stay in control of yourself and the conversation. It will make them think and wonder.


Good luck

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