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Wow, should I take this job? (HELP!)


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A friend/acquaintance I've known since middle school and went to high school with exchanged some Facebook comments back and forth with me, and her last two comments involved her telling me about her job and leaving her phone # so I could possibly work with her.


So I called her earlier, and she told me that she's been working with some identity theft protection company (she never specified the name of the company....) and that she gets to meet many great people along the way. Aside from all the business lingo that I hardly understood, she told me that many people working in this company can make a six-figure salary. Also, I'd only be working whenever I'm free.


The second she was telling me about the amount of money I could be making, dollar bill signs filled my eyes and I kept thinking about what kind of golf clubs I'd buy next.


I asked her if there was a website I could check out to learn more, but instead she gave me a phone number which had an automated message giving a brief overview of what the company does. Again, no name of the company...


Something seems kind of fishy to me, and I'll admit - I'm still a pretty naive kid, and it was easy for her to lure me in once she told me about the pay. She says she's gonna call me Tuesday morning or so to see if I'm available (and to see if I could make it to some guy publicly speaking about the company), but I'm not so sure what to do...

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You said she's your friend, right? If you believe that statement (friend of yours), then go to the little seminar thingy she's got rigged, poke a few sticks, ask some questions and simply learn more about the company - including the name. It most likely is too good to be true, but sometimes we find diamonds in the rough. You, especially, appear to not have anything to worry about committing to, so why not go along for the ride for now and see what pops up.



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To me it sounds incredibly fishy. In my personal opinion, I would try to find out as much as possible about the job before I commit myself to anything or give any of my personal details away. It's odd that there has been no mention of the company name. I would be very wary... often things like this turn out to be scams that people get caught up in. Your friend may have got caught up in it without even realising. How well do you know her? Do you trust her?


But then again, it may be totally legit. Bottom line - find out more before your commit yourself or give them any of your personal details!

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Well we did have a class together in middle school and partnered up in activities, so that's how we know each other. She's a very nice girl. But we lost touch in high school and never really spoke to each other.


She knows I was quiet in high school (not anymore, since my current job gave me a massive boost in confidence and people skills that it's a night and day change), and I'm beginning to think she's trying to take advantage of that and my naivety. I spoke with my dad about this earlier and he told me that this is most likely just some sort of a telemarketing job, that would involve me calling people and offering identity theft protection. Something I do NOT want to do, especially because I don't enjoy talking on the phone very much.


Just her enthusiasm alone led me to believe that by successfully recruiting me, she would be rewarded with an incentive. I noticed that she had also left comments on two of her other friends' Facebooks, asking them what they're up to or if they're interested in working for this company. Right when I saw those I didn't feel as special as I did when she tried to butter me up over the phone by telling me, "...And just from high school I knew you were a unique person...". Hah. She also told me, "Sometimes if I'm at the mall and I take notice to a great girl working at say, Charlotte Russe, I'd approach her and see if she was interested. Cuz I KNOW how much they pay, hahah." So it's dead obvious she enjoys using this job's pay as a way to lure them in. Almost worked for me. Almost.


She sent me a text earlier saying, "hey, just wanted to let u kno that im super excited and i look forward to introducing u to some of my closest friends & business partners

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She's probably making some sort of a commission for getting people to join the company.


If it seems as if it's too good to be true, it usually is.


Wouldn't hurt to look into it, though. Learn more about it. Get info from her about the job. Ask her for phone numbers of other people she's recruited. Talk to them about what they do, what their compensation package is like, etc.. The more info you get, the better. If you find it difficult to obtain information, then I wouldn't get involved.

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I asked her if there was a website I could check out to learn more, but instead she gave me a phone number which had an automated message giving a brief overview of what the company does. Again, no name of the company...


NOT hallmarks of up-front, honorable enterprises. Can't even imagine a legitimate identity theft company without a website, or worse yet a secret name.


You might go to whatever seminar is being offered, but do so with your eyes wide open and don't invest any money to do so!


Words like: multi-level, pyramid, reverse funnel; not good

Work requiring you to "recruit" other participants; not good

Any investment on your part; not good.


Promises that you "could" earn up to: not good.

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This sounds like a bad idea that your friend has already fallen for. When I was your age I had a lot of these con artists trying to take advantage of my youth and inexperience as well.


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Exactly. Me, a 19-year-old kid, possibly making [close to] a six-figure salary just for meeting people and coming in to work at whatever time is convenient for me? Just doesn't make any sense.


Both my parents make six-figures but it took them YEARS to get to where they are, after starting at the very bottom of the food chain.

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