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Important questions needed to be answer


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ok...i hav alot of questions i need opinions on! they r not listed in any particular order and i need them to be answerd...some r ..weird and some i juss ..idk need help with!


lets start...


1. Is it weird to feel isolated from friends and family? lately i've felt...distance from friends and family. we either argue is juss hav weird convorsations. it's like i'm MISSING something..something i don't know.

2. well...this one is more ADVICE then a question..well i triend to hang with preps today..and i'm emo.. >.> some one told me to ok? lolz....

well they bit my head off and are starting to talk bad about me..i usually ignore it but this is very annoying having ppl coming up to me and asking if it's true..what do i do??


3.STARTS WITH AN M! lolz...every1's favorite word...masturbation..

having issues with it..

i feel like i cant do it without it hurting..and i need help with it..cant invest with um...the toys cause im 14! and my parents r snoopy and won't let me spend my money! they would kno i bought somethin...

so can u help me?


pleaz leav a comment


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haha well im a guy but with the whole masturbation thing...set the mood dim lights maybe a candle and learn what makes you feel good...most women focus on the cliterous for solo masturbation rather penetration...depending on what their goals are lol...but i think thats a safer spot to start with rather then going for the whole show on your first go around.


as far as the school thing...dont worry about it...high school people are just awkward and those who arnt make fun of others to hide their own insecurities...dont give it any attention and you might be surprised....show them how little it bothers you, play with it...go into it and joke about it..."im not emo...i just really like the move "the crow"...or im not emo..im just color blind. but for instance...give me something they might say to you and ill tell you what i personally would respond with

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lol...is that what guys do to masturbate? dim the lights...lolz...juss asking ^__^

well...idc that i'm emo..thats juss who i am rite now..

they spread rumors about how i'm trying to do suiside..which i'm not which obviously makes ppl i don't even know come up to me and be like "omg! r u really going to kill urself?!"or "omg!! u shouldn't do that!!"

and this one other thing with my bff and how i sleep with all my friends...weird..

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haha i would say we dont but it doesnt hurt...sometimes feels awkward if its really bright but no candles arent needed...lol...


btw being yourself goes beyond any label including emo...


but lol if someone came up to me and asked..."so are you going to kill yourself?" i might respond...in a mock crying voice..."well i wasnt until now...thanks"....cover eyes then look back up and give a grin and then be like...of course not...or be like..."no, but now that you bring it up have any suggestions...cutting wrist is so overdone."...then follow up with reassurance that your just fine.


and if they say something like..omg you sleep with all your friends...just be like.."yep...so dont start trying to be my friend now...i see the way you look at me...dont lie"...then laugh it off...but you see what i mean...if you let it appear to bother you they will feed on that.

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thanx, i think that will really help me!! cause my skool sux like that and i need to hav a strong outer shell..u know what i mean? well...like i can't juss go cry it off because they will laugh and start mor annoying rumors.

i just hav to hold my feelings inside and never show them...but anywayz...

i bet that will really help me..thanx!!


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1. Having 3 daughters who were all 14 at one time, I realize that it's tougher on girls at that age than on boys. I looked up your profile and you have a lot of interests: soccer writing reading drawing blogging hw swimming sports, and they are a good balance of physical activites and mental activities. There surely must be others in your age group at your school who enjoy those things too. Hang out with them?


2. I think being 14 sucks anyway. I remember thinking I must have been adopted; that I didn't seem to relate to anyone in my family. From a parent's perspective, it's difficult for some to accept that their "baby" is now on their way to becoming an adult with their own feelings, aspirations, interests, dreams...This too will pass, eventually, just hang in there.


Good luck.

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