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Lake Property and The Ex...

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Hey all,


Quick question. I want to purchase some lake property to build a home on and really could use some advice. I have done a ton of research online but all the agents/brokers/realtors seem sketchy and untrustworthy. I don't really know anyone that specializes in this other than my ex's uncle. He is very educated on multiple lakes and I know would be able to give some great advice. Would it be inappropriate for me to e-mail him just to ask for some quick input/advice on the three lakes I have narrowed it down to? Keep in mind we have been broken up 8 months, LC for the first 5, NC for the last 3. She broke up with me and I wanted to get back with here very much. Probably still would entertain it if given the opportunity... Anyways, back to the question. Appropriate or inappropriate?



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Was the break-up amicable?


A decade ago, I broke up with my first boyfriend, whose father was my regular car mechanic. Ten months after the breakup, I thought I could get into contact with the ex's father to ask him a question about my car.


I ended up being screamed at by my ex--It was a horrible moment.


Our break-up was painful, but I hadn't known that he still harboured angry feelings toward me because of it.


As long as you feel comfortable with contacting the uncle, I think that it would be fine. it's all about what you feel in your gut and your heart.

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