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Caked & Calcified

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I wrote this for a class...its sort of how i feel anyway I am just glad to be killing 2 nerds with one stone.


The sun is nothing more than a mourning star.

That glistens the world with its bleak glow, that seems within distance, yet far.

Driving my glossy car, I feel nothing more than a bee stuck inside a jar.

Predestined to roam this place we call earth,which is nothing more that a manic star.

Thoughts adrift while the mind flickers and flows

Am I destined to drive under this over-pass alone?

Scattered, with moments of collectiveness

It seems my fate is set in stone

Watching ahead I seem to see a turning point

I see a grainy indentation of what could have been and the same time what has yet to come

No matter how much you appropriate, it does nothing but complicate and come undone

Shifting gears from gears from observant to oblivious


You take the hairpin corner.

As others watch insidiously.

How could you be?

What they wanted you to be.

Could you see?

What they wanted you to see.

Bruise your far right pedal

Roll the windows down.

and don't look back.

The past seems like nothing but a false attack

The present seems so consolidated, feels like the future has already evaporated.

please leave some feed back.


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