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drunk dialing

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So I love my friend. Sadly this has translated into drunk dialing him 3 to 4 nights this semester...like more then once a night when it happened. I've felt like i've been to available because i've also texted. now my friends here's the kicker he's in a serious committed relationship. there had already been mild flirtation, some vibes, and an akward hug which was almost a kiss, which i'm sure he's figuring out i have some feeling for him.


how do i correct this? I've already apologized like 2x, 1st time he said it was ok and then the 2nd time i didn't get an answer (via text).


I just want to tell him i'm sorry and i don't want him to get the wrong idea because I want to hang out this summer when we all get back, but if he hasn't picked up on it I don't want to bring it up. what do i do??

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I'd say back off, too.


Also: Have you ever thought about the fact that your phonecalls and texts to him might get him "in trouble?" For example, what if he was sleeping with his girl one night, and you called him? What problems will arise in his relationship as a result of YOUR immaturity?


Grow up and leave him alone. If he wanted you badly enough, then he wouldn't be with his girl. Taks his number out of your phone, and go find a man who's available.

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