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Tell meh...is anything worth it?


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Seems to be working out anymore. The fact that i dont have a best friend...and i cant trust anyone really makes me depressed. And also the fact am ugly and fat i hate too.

The guy i liked and was dating dumped meh because i was too much of a * * * * * and its not my fault i wanted to be with him so badly i would do anything to be with him. I basically want to be dead.

And i dont wanna be one of those whiny *cough* "emo" kidds

but i was so depressed about that boy i took a bunch of pills

i didnt die

i just shook all day long

And every second of that made me wish i was even more dead

I cant take it!!!!!!

It doesnt matter

nothing does


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How old are you loveXblind? When I was young I fought those same feelings. I thought I was fat but when I see my pictures from then, I was pretty darn cute. Funny how looking at things from another view changes your perspective.


Being dead is a very permanent solution for a temporary problem. If that is your picture you are have nothing to feel bad about as far as appearance.


I don't know if you will believe me but when my first boyfriend dumped me I was really torn up for about a year, it took forever to get over. When I went to my high school reunion 20 some years later he was bald and his wife was very, very fat. Funny how things turned out. I think I dodged a bullet by him dumping me, I just couldn't see it for the life of me at that time.

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A lot of people feel the way you feel at one time or another but usually you can find a different way of looking at things that makes you feel better or things in your life get better.


If you can't confide your feelings to a best friend right now and you really need someone to talk to, there are also crisis lines where you can call a sympathetic person and let them know how you feel. Sometimes just talking helps.

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You have nothing to be upset about. Is that a picture of you in your display pic? If so then you are not fat by any means and you sure are not ugly. Even if its not you, I'm sure you are very beautiful. Everyone is beautiful, life is beautiful. You should try to take a look at your thoughts and see that you are creating problems for yourself that need not be there. Mind is a powerful thing, and you can control it by thinking positively.

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I'm going to try to tell you what I think is the truth. If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will tell me (and you) otherwise.


There isn't much I could tell you that hasn't been said already. In fact, there doesn't seem to be anything that anyone could say that can take the pain away -- as an outsider, I cannot tell you how you're feeling. I do think though that your pain will subside if you do look for options. You might not feel you have any options, but if you look for them they will show up.


There are other boys, other girls, other ways of acting, other walks of life. It may be worth it if you find just one thing that makes you happy. You just have to try.

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