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Had A Wonderful Night Last Night Yay!


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Funny thing, I went to meet some friends at a bar last night. I really don't like bars but had nothing better to do.


Well there was this cute girl there. So Iam all shy and stuff right so I would occasionaly glance at her but nothing big ya know.


So at one point my friends and I were outside smoking and the girl and her friend were outside to so we got to talking nothing big just stupid stuff .


So we went back in and i sat with my friends and the cute girl was sitting with her friend,


Well next thing I know I see her talking to a guy. So at this time Im feeling pretty low so I go home.


I get home my sister calls me up and says the girls back come back to the bar. That guy she was talking to was her friends brother.


I get back to the bar. Here to find out, this cute girl asked one my friends "who the cute guy was shooting darts earlier"


SOOOOOO the next thing ya know, she is stiiting with all my friends and me. So her and I are having conversation and found out that we like alot of the same things.


At the end of the night I got her number and will deff be talking to her some more.


BOY what a BOOST that was! and the difference between miss B***h and this girl night and day.


She actualys likes baseball and museuems and camping YAY! I mean we hit it off pretty good.


So I know I don;t want to jumo the gun because I still have feelings for the ex but it deff put things into a new perspective.


And honestly, at this point until time goes on or something I still kinda want the ex back as I know Im still not over her but at the same time this new girl knows about my situation from my friends that told her so I will go real slow and see what happens

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Ye sounds like a good ego boost for you which is great,just be careful if your not over your ex dating someone else just gives you empty love.

Ive been on a mission dating since my girl dumped me and while its great for my self asteem i still wake up thinking of my ex.

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really weird you posted that, i went out last night and for the first time since my ex dumped me was happy and didnt even think about her, i even got a couple of numbers and have been texting them today, strange really, im sure i wil lhave a down again sometime, but for today at least im really enjoying being single!

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good for you, man..Yeah take it slow..At the very least you'll have met a cool friend..

Let it take it's course and have fun..As hard as it is, don't compare her to your ex, just take the girl as a unique indivisual with her own pro's and con's..

Enjoy it for what it is..Glad you had a good night.

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