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Which way is up?

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So, what kind of advice is there for someone who has no where to go except up,

but cant figure out which way up is.


i pose this question because im trying to find ways to keep my mind off the past, and also hoping to better my life and make it the one i've always wanted. but i've come to realize that i have spent so much time dwelling on it, that i've lost touch with who i am. i find myself watching movies alot so that for an hour and 1/2 or more, the only thing im concerned with is whats gonna happen in the next scene. and then as soon as its over im left with that cursed question of now what? i spend my days now trying to figure out who i am, because my past and the people in it have changed me so much, that i dont know if its for the better or worse. i dont really know anymore what is out there thats fun to me, or if i have any passions. it doesnt help that the city i live in has a small town feel to it, meaning that there is so little to do that you end up running into people you would rather avoid at all costs. and that since there is so little to do everyone around me has become very 2 dimensional. every weekend its " lets go to a movie then afterwards lets get hammered" or "lets get alcohol and hang out with some girls" no exageration. and since i have stopped drinking altogether because of where it was taking me, i become extremely tired of it all, and thus very hopeless.


sorry to ramble on and if parts of this dont make sense, dont hesitate.. im running on 2 hours of sleep lol

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Break the pattern!


If sitting around watching movies isn't working, then try something else. Get out there and experience different things. I'm sure there are plenty of opportunities out there. Get involved! Maybe volunteer. Perhaps go for a hike. Touch base with a friend you haven't seen in years, etc, etc.



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did you ever think that the city around you didnt feel too small, its that you felt too big? you sound restricted by evertyhing, activities in the city, people in tyhe city, theres a whole world out there for you to explore, reach for the sky and youll hit the moon, fine you wont reach your ultimate goal, but you have a whale of a time getting there and youll be incredibly surprised at how far you've gone......so take my advice.......go..........go and set yourself greater goals and acquire greater achievments

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