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He met his high school sweetheart - and decided to end us

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He met his high school sweetheart and decided to end our relationship, while we were arging so much afterward, if u have read my previous messages u may know about my story...


He said it is nothing to do with her, it is the decision based on how he feels that we are not compatible and argue to much and with different culture



Do you think he will never come back to me?

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hard to say, i don't know the whole story, so if you Edit Your post

and apply the link i can further try to help you out.


Time is important


I Think that is what he needs, time to think about his actions...a high school sweat heart, Ennnh....not something i would be to worried about..don't let this get too you, find somebody else in the mean time. you don't need someone you argue with any ways, that isn't a compatible person.

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