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I wanna & need to get rid of this obesession

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I just deleted ALL of the aol convos that i saved for like ever. I always copied & pasted almost everything what we( me & him) used to talk about. But, i thought since i am really going to try & do this.. That this would be a good start. I dont feel to bad about it actually. Next,i think i am going to delete the emails too. I thought about doing all of this all at once but then i thought nah..thats too much to do all in one day.



Well i gotta start somewheres..right? Any more suggestions?

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Was this your bf or the buddy from your earlier posts? And was this an online thing, or both online and RL?


If it was mostly online or all online, you're on the right track... but instead of just targeting the convos and stuff, change as much as you can, get rid of the visual reminders from the timeframe. Change your wallpaper, your screensaver, anything that you can't bear to delete that reminds you of him - write it off to CD and then delete it off your computer so you don't have immediate in your face reminders. Change your IM color scheme. Literally, clean house, your avatar, EVERYTHING, because otherwise you'll end up remembering comments and things that went with them. If there was anything colorwise that he didn't like and you did? Rebel a little, redo everything in a style that appeals to just you. Get a new haircut or color, get your nails done, ANYTHING that kicks "you" up a notch and is just for you, and makes you feel good about yourself.

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