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first time jitters

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ya ok, so me and this guy have been going out for a few days, and i have never kissed anyone, and well we've been talking about kissing but i mean we jut havnet gotten to it yet. he knows i havent kissed anyone but im really nervous. what should i do. and oh ya we both have braces, will they get stuck together. and can some of you like share like kinda what to do too, thanks a bunch!

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it all comes naturally. when i got my first kiss, i was freaking out too, but its honestly nothing to worry about. just don't think too much about it while you are kissing because thats when you feel like you don't know what to do. just take it as it comes & you will realize that its just something that naturally happens. many others have posted about first kisses, so look at other kissing posts.

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