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Hello there,


When guys have broken up with me, I normally just let them go. Sometimes we may have made moves to get back together, but there is just a certain trust issue that is broken. Yes, some women go for revenge against the person, but in my case I don't see the point. Sort of the whole "let them go and if they return it was meant to be" type deal. But in my case, I find it very hard to take someone back if they broke up with me because you just never know if they are going to leave you again when you need them the most.


More than likely a hurting person, male or female, will find comfort in friends and/or alone time. It is possible that someone may want to make the person who hurt them hurt as much as they do, but it isn't really logical and in the end it will only make the person feel worse.


I'm curious to know why you asked this question.

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i agree with faeriechyld. i don't find the point in getting revenge on exes & i don't like to any way. i always like to be on the good side of people, whether they have hurt me bad or not. but there are some girls out there who are known for revenge, i know many of them. i guess its just like guys, like some like getting revenge while some don't.

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