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orgasm faking


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Well, if guys fake the orgasm while wearing a condom...the woman could probably never tell lol. Or if he "ejaculated" inside her.


I've never faked an orgasm, why cheat myself? I had sex a few times with no orgasm, but since that was the first few times we ever did anything, i was cool with it and knew i'd learn to have one sometime when i'm less nervous. Then one day i worked at it and actually had one. Very happy when that happened.

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Lol I'm too scared to fake it. And also, there is no point in it seeing as how if I didn't get one, then something must have not been working. It's not a big deal to me though. I've never really been too hung up on what the guy was thinking. At least he's happy, right?

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We don't have city sewer where i'm from so you're really not supposed to flush anything that won't break down.


And burnt rubber? How fast you thrusting man?


some parts of mexico have a flushing problem too. they don't put much in their toilets either. but i watched 'dirty jobs' on discover channel with mike rowe. he went into the sewers with the workers to clean up some areas. a condom was the least of their worries.



lol @ burnt rubber. fast and hard i guess does this. i dunno.

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