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Flirting and the first move

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Hello all,


I am rather to new to all of this and wondered if ya all, or at

least part of ya, could offer some advice.


Incase anyone missed my earlier post, I have met a woman I am very

very interested in, and she too seems interested. When we are with

other people there is always casual, friendly flirting between us.

Including touching, bumping each other, little comments, etc. When

we are alone though there is almost nothing. I can only speak for

myself, but for me it is more out of nervousness that nothing

happens when we are alone. The thought is there, just nothing more.

I have never been one to make the first move with a guy, and have

never been in this situation with a woman. I am afraid if I don't do

something we will "just be friends" forever. My big delima is what

can I do to get her to make the first move, or suggestions on a

first move. By first move I must explain I don't want to grab her

and put her in bed, I would simply like to take things to the next

level...(i.e. kissing, hugging, more intimate touching) I don't want

to push her if she isn't ready, but don't want us both waiting on

the other. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.




intrique101 ](*,)

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Wonderful that you've met someone you like!

I like holding hands, it is very nice, maybe it could work for you two as well =). And after a while of holding hands, stroking it feels good. I like that too.


Or you could always "just" fix your eyes at his and look just tilt your head a little. Just like a puppy would! Make the first move with playfulness, is what I say =). It's cute and if it does not work, you'll be cute anyways.


Invite him over for a movie or so and in the middle of it you make the casual yawn and discretely place your arm around his neck, or lay your head on his shoulder.


And on the "puppy"-subject; you could make small noises and just give of a little bark, bump him with your shoulder and ask him what he's thinking.


I wish you the best of luck in this and just to make myself clear, no, I am not taking this as a joke.. I'm just really playful =)

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