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I'm looking for a good invertebrate book.


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I didn't know were else to post this, but I am into invertebrates and was looking for good book to read on the issue. I am currently reading animals without backbones third edition. But I was worried it is out dated, as it was published in 1987. I do like this book, but I don't wish to memorize lies, so if anyone could recommend a more recent book or confirm that the teachings in this book are not out dated, that would be nice.



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yeah but this part of the forum is always really quiet, i rarely get any replies when i post here


i've been losing interest in the books i've been reading lately, i've got 3 books sitting on my desk right now and i've read about half way through each of them, that's not like me at all! i usually read to the end of a book even if it is really awful, i think i'm going to have to rethink the kinds of books that i want to read, perhaps i'll look for some inverterbrate books too lol, who knows!

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