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Hello i was with my girlfriend since 15 i am now 20 and we split up becasue one night we had a terrable argument, i went out and kissed another girl, my girlfriend found out and she now wont even speak to me, or see me can any one help, why wont she see me?


i know i have broke her heart and i love her very much i have tried everything to get her back and try and get her to see me but she wont, i see her down town every week and she looks over to see what i am doing what does this mean? what is she doin? we had a perfect realtionship until now, i havent had a face to face convosation with her for 3month and she said she doesnt want to speak to me till the new year, what should i do im despirate and hurting very much!! i would never do it again she is everything to me!!

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If she will speak to you at the new year, then wait until the new year. Don't be mean or insensitive, but don't pursue either. Just enjoy life for awhile. Be yourslef and maybe she will realize what shes missing and come back. People do and say some pretty mean and hurtful things when they are angry. Just let them go and hope that she will do the same. If she can't recognize that you are a good person despite some mistakes (everybody makes them) then she isn't worth YOUR time.


Best Wishes,


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well it seems to me, you should of been honest with her when you

kissed that other girl, it's always way worse when they find out from

someone else that their significant other did something like that. It's

not just that you kissed someone else you were not honest on top of that

It's obvious she feels betrayed, but you might be able to get her back

by being completely honest with her about how you feel just spill every

reason why you love her and want her back next time your able to talk

with her. See guys now a days have no ambition to get a girl back,

For instance guys should still do saranades, or a rediculous amount of flowers, or a poem or letter confessing your dying love for her, theese are things you have to do to get back your chick. woman wont admit it but thats what they want is a guy that's going to walk backwards for them, if you were willing and wanted her back I think that's what you should do just speaking from prior experience. But hopefully this will help you, that is if you truly want her back. Good luck in whatever happens and whatever you end up doing, and I hope this helps.

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