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Need help with my situation


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I met this great girl. I could tell shes really digging me one night, so i asked her out for the weekend. She excitedly says yes to it and we're all set. I call her to set up a time and place, but she says that her "strict" parents wouldn't let her go out with a guy on a weekend. Seeing as shes cahtholic and various other reasons which i won't state, I do believe her. BTW she is 19. She tells me she can go out during weekdays for lunch and such, but I am not really digging that. Any suggestions on what path I should follow?




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if you're into her why not make every attempt to see her and get to know her... seems to me you just want a piece of ass if you're not diggin the lunch thing.. what's the difference bewteen that and dinner on the weekend? you get to bring her home on the weekend and try and get some...


that's what it sounds like to me anyway, and i'm a guy, so.. how would it look for a girl?

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I agree. I think if u really lik this girl, then u should try to see her whenever possible. Maybe if her parents see that you respect that then they will let her go out with you on the weekend sometime. But if u will only see her on the weekend, then it does look like u just want to get laid, and obviously she is not the right girl for that, seeing as she obviously seems very respectful. If u really like her, take her to lunch!! What have u got too loose!!

Hope it goes well!

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