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How often to call?


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There really should be a forum for phoning


anyways, if anyone can answer this quick question: I want to keep up my momentum with her, but I don't want to start going too fast either. What is acceptable for number of times calling/day or /week? Sometimes I call once a day, sometimes twice, a few times zero... I called her this morning before school (we dont go to the same school) just because I didn't call her yesterday and I missed the sound of her voice, and I told her that... is THIS "sweet" or just annoying? And finally, I seem to make a practice of calling at the most inconvenient times - not on purpose, just purely coincidentally, I always end up calling when shes either with a friend, watching a movie, or eating supper... would it make sense to set up a time when I call her every day, or would this be less "sweet" or "romantic"? Help me out here guys I'm just going off instinct as opposed to experience

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Well I think that different people have the phone call threshold. I like alot of calls, but I have a friend that doesnt appreciate too many. I have also seen that when someone calls too much they can appear as needy. Spend some more time getting to know this girl, and see what she is comfortable with. All you can do is play it by ear. Start slow. Eventually you will know her phone call threshold.


Good Luck!

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I don't know about other ladies, but I really like a goodnight call. It makes me feel like I am going to bed with everything in order. Generally I don't expect more than one call a day, and I prefer it at night time. Also that would be easy for you because you can just say you were calling to see how her day was, to say goodnight, etc.


Also, try calling when you feel like calling! Don't overthink it.

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