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I've been stuck in my high stress, high pressure job for over three years now, and have been in my profession for over 5. I know it's time to move on, but the economy is still tough around here and new jobs at the same or, at least, similar pay is hard to find (I do get paid a decent amount of money, no complaints there, but would accept lower pay for a better quality of life...there's just nothing out there right now). The competition is stiff for newly advertised positions.


Anyway, the daily grind has been unbearable to the point where, I don't care anymore, and my work quality is suffering. I can barely get up in the morning, and I'm afraid I'm going to snap back at one of my bosses soon (i.e., GO TO HELL AND I'LL GIVE YOU DIRECTIONS, type of outburst). So I'm at a crossroads. I really really really want to quit, but know it isn't such a good idea until I find a replacement job. I have a lot of financial responsibilities too (not so much debt, but people to take care of). I do have about 6-7 months saved up, and with the economy slightly improving, may be I will get lucky. But I've had resumes out for nearly 2 years now and hardly had any interviews let alone job offers. I'm beginning to feel like a trapped animal and it's effecting my life in and out of work and my health (I ache all over and never have a day without some kind of physical pain).


What should I do? Any advice?

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I've been in your shoes.


Let me give some advice. First, the problem you have is not your bosses or your coworkers so don't lash out at them.


First, be thankfull for a stable job in a tough economy. Then, take a stand.


This is what I did:


I arrived to work at 8:30 am and I leave at 5:00 pm. I take a 1 hour lunch. I sometimes take a 15 minute walk in the morning and afternoon down to the bookstore or to run errands. This was UNHEARD of in my industry. I had no choice, I was BURNING OUT. I felt if they fired me for this behavior.. I was willing to lose my job. I was not going to be a slave.


So do that for at least 1 month then re-evaluate. Things change, management changes. your duties change. Simply arrive at 8:30am, take a 1 hour lunch, leave at 5:00PM. NEVER WORK DURING NON-WORK HOURS.


I did it and I am rejuvinated and more respected at work now.


I strongly suggest you don't leave your job, but you tailor it to your life. Leaving a job or even thinking about it only creates more stress for you. Leave a job only if you HAVE to, not because the grass looks greener.

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Thanks for the advice.


Unfortunately, I cannot work on the schedule you propose. It is largely out of my hands due to the pace of transactions, client and boss demands. Your ability to retain your job is directly tied to the amount of hours you work (the minimum bar is very high). It is that type of work and pace. I cannot arbitrarily decide to work on a 9 to 5 schedule and get away with it here. So in a way, IT IS the job and the bosses, not just something with me. This is why I feel trapped and suffocated.


There has go to be a better way.

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