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embarassing moments

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okay, we're all human, and I know we've all had our really embarrassing moments with the oppisite sex. I just thought it would be cool if we all shared our most humiliating experiences. because even if it made us feel stupid then, its useful for a good laugh now.

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It was when I was in highschool 4 years ago. I was talking to one of my best friends (still is)... We were talking about our principle. And then I started saying how stupid he is, how he cannot manage the school and I also mentioned that he looked like an old gay man. In all of this time the principle was right behind me and listening to all of these, and my friend was giving some verbal expressions that I couldnt understand. And so I continue saying stuff about him that were really I mean really bad. And then after 5 min I turned around and I saw him. His nose was breathing exactly like a bull ready to attack.. . For my punishment among others, he made me sing if front of all the students of the school even though I have the most terrible vocals in the world .

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well me and my best friend went to the movies and we went to sit down in our usual spot, but it was taken by this guy and my best friend's just like go 2 the otha side of the room NOW and dont make a scene and she was behind me as we were going accross the room and we were the only ppl in the cinimas besides the dude sitting in our seats! as we were walking i looked back to c who the heck it was and it was her ex bf!!! and i laughed and as i turned around! i tripped over my bag and screamed as loud as i could and of course he looked over and asked if i was okay and he used to b one of my friends aswell as her bf!!!! and he looked and saw who it really was and he sat down and didnt say ne thing to us and i got so embarrest!! my best friend was so pissed off @ me!!!

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Im sure i had many, but i think my mind has blocked them out.


one non relationship moment that i can remember well, I was working one summer at a mobile hamburger joint, this was many many years ago, I was only 16 them. anyway I had these corderoy pants i just got, and somehow they must of tore all the way up the back side. so here i am serving people, with my pants torn up the seam.


eventually a friend said hey Billy, you ass is hanging out, i thought he was joking, i finally checked, i mean my whole butt was showing, i wonder how many hundred people saw me with my ass hanging out like that.



one other goofy incident, I was working with this chick, and we just happened to be talking about breast, and she wanted my opinion on hers, so she lift up her shirt to show me (hey this was the 70s ok) sure enough the boss walks in on us, her boobs flashing in my face hehe. some things you dont forget.

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ok a long time ago i travelled to meet this lad i was meant to be seeing and take make it worse as a group wed arranged to go to Macky D's or something (i have this problem with eating infront of people that i like and dont know too well, usually lads) so i was completely embarressed when he met up with me. i came oiut bright red and in a rash not even knowing until my mates told me. then i had to sit down and eat a meal where i started a food fight with my best mate, ended up with mayonnaise all over my hair, argument in middle of Macky ds got kicked out and then had an argument in the street. could it get worse lol?


anyway thats the short hand, and i did meet him again...wow


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One time some girl pulled my pants down while i was talking to a group of girls, I even had a crush on one of these girls in my schoolyard!!!!!!!!!! I HAD THEE ASHIEST LEGS EVER, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO



Heh these things happen and are always funny after a while

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about 4 years ago our scool had organised a very important concert. my school was considered to be the most prestigious in malta. for the occasion, our former president was invited and as old boy of the same school he was there ! the concert had to start with the college hymn but something went wrong.........as we were going on stage i tripped in a microphone wire and our president admired the best domino effect ever !! in the end only the 3 guys who were behind me were still standing. the others.........oh well u can immagine !

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