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i don't know what to do

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He probably wants to know. It seems like you are putting too much thought into being around. Relax. Guys love to hear their girl/woman say those words. Here is a quote I tell myself every day...it's to smile because someone else could be falling in love with your smile. Love is wanted in this day of age. Everyone craves it. Though, no-one is perfect. Is he gay? That's probably whats the problem. There must be something wrong with him. Or, maybe he isn't ready to be loved. Do what your heart wants you to do. Don't put your love down and tell him you love him if that's what you feel...

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huh... don't really understand... is it..you like this guy and he does not know you like him?

or is it.... you like this guy and he does not like you that way... or is it... this guy is your boyfriend and you love him but he does not love you the same way....???

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