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Um..now exactly how do u do this..lol

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I understand that everyone is new to these situations at some point...but if you can't figure out on your own w/o getting some sort of absolution from others on the internet, you probably shouldn't be giving hand jobs or blow jobs yet.


I'm not saying this to be mean, but don't just go giving it away to some guy. You sound pretty young. If you decide you want to, go from common sense. People do it everyday, so it can't be so hard, right?


Just don't do anything you will regret later.

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People, don't judge on what she is doing wrong, she asked "how to" not... "Am I doing the wrong thing?"


its her choice. But being a guy I will tell you how I like it... (sorry if this becomes graphic don't know how else to say it)


Ok, Handjob, the place where a guy is most sensative is the head. that is the most important. So most of your rubbing is at the point where the head ridges off. Don't spend all the time up there. Do short strokes on the head, then a long stroke (maybe 2 strokes) to slow things a bit... then go back up. Timing is key, so keep a steady rhythm. Then after like a minute of short strokes do the longer 2 strokes. Also, don't try and fit all your fingers around. I talk comfortably with my friends, and they all use their pointer finger and their thumb... some their middle finger is included. There are alot of techniques... so try them out. Hard or soft to go? well kinda trade off, but stick with one for a set amount of time and rythm. Its like sets, you give a fast hard jerk for like 10-15 seconds, then do a long set of a slow softer for about 30 seconds... then hard again. Timing, and sets. Guys, no matter what don't care how bad you are at a handjob... guys just love a girl giving them a hand job... however a blowjob... that is another story


The Blowjob. Ok this one is tough for me to say cuz first of all, there are SO many different ways. Second, I hate them, so I don't like the person I am with to go down on me, in fact I don't let them go down on me. Anyways, from the maybe 3 I have had, i would say that the tongue is key, along with using your hand to touch the rest of the shaft that your mouth isn't covering. You need to go slow with your mouth, then pull away and give a couple strokes with your hand. The hand gives the most sensation also guys masterbate with their hands so its a custom feeling that we have. Again timing, and the tightness of your lips and using your tongue to touch the head of the *achoo* helps a guy get the sensation. Guys judge girls on blowjobs which i think is rediculous. but... a nicer guy will thank you no matter what you do, as long as you try, your showing you care.


When a guy comes!??! lol... umm pull up his shirt and do it on his skin, or you pull up your shirt and do it on you. Or it can be done onto the floor then cleaned up, or into a trash can... whatever, just don't get it on clothes, or anything that can get stained, cuz it does kinda leave a mark, like a greasy mark.


Always trying to help another.

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