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Need help now! French kissing know how


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Hey, all who read this, plz plz post your tips...


I am 14 years old and haven't really been out with anyone but now, because i've never really cared for the "status" going out. But now i'm going out wit this dream girl and i think she really likes me. She came round with me and my mates last night and we had a great time. As we were lying there together, she suddenly took me by surprise and before I realized what the *beep* had happened we were french kissing. About three years ago I french kissed another girl for the first time and I know that coz I was an unexperienced kisser, it was crap! It felt right last night but I don't know if i've put her off. This is coz I don't really understand the concept of 'kissing using the tongue'. Is there something a guy should do and not the girl? Or vice versa? Plz help as I need it bad!


Any Help much appreciated?!?!?!?!?!


Cheers, Tom

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Tom welcom to enotalone and I will try to help you. It is hard to explan what to do you just do what you think you should do dont try to stick your tongue down her throught just massauge her tongue with yours. Just go with the flow.

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