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How do I make him realize he should be with me?

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I met a guy that is completely not my type. We were supposed to be just friends, I even made a big deal about it. But now one thing has led to another and we're more than friends, but not together. I think he wants to be with me, but he has a lot going on right now. He told me the old, "I'm not sure what I want right now" line, and I don't know what to think about it. How can he NOT know what he wants? I think we're great together, and we have so much fun...when he has time. I was even willing to overlook the fact that he's in a business I don't care for. Perfectly legal, just time consuming and stressful. I'm ready to find someone that I can settle down with, and he says he feels like he should already be married by now. I hate to think he's using me, because it doesn't make a whole lot of sense with our current friendship, but I wouldn't overlook it as a possibility. Should I give up, should I wait a little longer...should I find someone else? What does it take to make a guy realize he has everything he wants right in front of him? I'm so tired of being alone...I was waiting for someone I really felt something with...and now he's not sure about it. Can anyone please help me out here? When it comes to my heart, it always confuses my mind and I never make the right decision. Thanks.

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Hey there,

I somewhat understand where you are coming from. He most likely doesnt know what he wants because he is confused, and its very possible for someone to not know what they want.

I understand it being confusing and stressful to deal with, but the only thing you can do it be there for him and do what you feel is right. If you feel you want to be with him enough to be by his side no matter what confusion and no matter how long it takes than stick with him. If you feel you don't want to be lonely/single anymore than go on.

I personaly would wait it out, it will help him knowing there is someone by his side no matter how confusing he gets and no matter how complicated things get.

You can't make a guy realize what he has in front of him.Either he already knows and has no clue what to do... or it will dawn on him one day and everything will finally be clear and make sense.

The most important thing is be there for him, letting him know you care and won't run when things get difficult, being by his side shows him what he has, and hopefully he'll realize it without it being too much longer.

I hope things get better, just be patient, and try to not stress. Trust me I know not stressing is hard, but keep smiling for him and being by his side...it will make things a bit better for him.

Take care, hope this helped a tiny bit


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First I have to say welcom to enotalone from everyone. Now to help you with your problem. Well I dont think you can make him do a thing. But it looks like he likes you but he is not shure on what to do next, you could all ways just tell him what you think about him. I say not give up yet but keep looking when you are whating for him. It is easy for us guy to not know what is going on in are head lol. I know it is confusing when you lissen to your hart but try to lissen on what it is telling you to do. Well I hope that this helps you and good luck with him.

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