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my wonderful lesbian friend thinks i'm going to steal away all her lesbian friends and turn them straight. i'm a regular, unpopular, 21yr old heterosexual male. it's immensely flattering but so god-awfully stupid.


so i have no real major concern here but i'm curious. do you suspect she's unsure of her own sexual preference? or does she honestly believe that my level of understanding and compassion can make anyone, gay or straight, want to be with me? has anyone else felt like this?


she's afriad to have me around her girlfriend as well.



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hey estevan_carlos

it could be that instead of gay she is actually bisexual, and feels that some of her bisexual friends may enjoy looking at you or the thought of being with you.


personally from people who i know are actually gay and only attracted to women, she has no need to worry because they may find you cute in relation to other men but they wont find you sexually appealing, i mean your not female. so you should ask her if her girlfriend is bisexual and is that the problem other than that she just might be ensuring that her own reltionship is safe.


i wouldnt take it as anything more, take it as a compliment and as a friend if this affexts her as much as described then i believe you should take what shes saying into consideration and possible leave the idea of wanting to be around both her and her girlfriend for a while until shes entirely comfortable.



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