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This says it all please...(tell me what you think?)

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: thanks to dfcannon for his help, on my last post dealing with this:


ok this is a letter to a friend who isn't keeping it at a friendship level, she shuts the doors again and again, no communication, just when we see each other in person, I'm all of a sudden someone important, and i see right threw her game, so now I'm telling her what i think. so read on and tell me if it's good?


Just for one time listen to me, It's quite clear to me how you want to associate yourself with me, which i wont go into details, because it's not necessary to push guilt, or blame, But i just need to say one thing here now to make you Understand where I'm coming from, IF you ever decide to give a younger guy such as myself, a fighting chance to take you out on a casual date, than talk to me, until than i don't feel accepted enough to more than what you've already shown towards me, Which hasn't been very much at all, to allow that to happen," because i know i mentioned i was desperate to take you out *just as friends* and i can't emphasize the words *just friends* enough, but perhaps you see that the desperate feeling has been and will remain stagnant, and will and never was the case, it was just said to give me the feeling to see where i stood.


but again i believe that was and will always remain a problem for you, considering the fact you don't Date younger guys, in other words you were attempting to say you don't hang-out with them, besides of course in a physical confrontation, like you here now, but beyond that perimeter, the navigation never went further than simple phone contact, i don't enjoy being used as a minimum use play toy, In addition I don't know what i did, or said to make you shun me out, again and again, but i can't and wont continue to throw myself out at one person, while i have real friends who first allow me to show them what friendship is all about. and those people come first, now your being placed in the back of my mind, I'm sorry to say that but I'm just letting you know was only walking the painted line you drew for me to walk, but no more will i struggle to walk that line, I'm stepping off, going my own way into what i believe is best, iv 'e washed my hands,came clean and bettered myself, knowing that next time i feel love,respect, and i value someone, under the title of "friends" i will first make sure that they feel the same way. You call when your ready, cause my communication stops here. I'm again sorry for proposing this, but I'm just doing what needs to been done, to prevent myself from getting hurt, like in the past.



PLEASE!!! add your own words if you wish, any other lines you would add, or take out i would like to know...i have to complete this by Friday afternoon, thanks for reading, any advice is well appreciated.

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