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she wonted to be friends but I don’t no any more

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ok my girl friend book up with me 1 week ago today, she book up with me because she was not ready for a relationship, she need some space and time to her self. I toled her I understand were she was coming from and she toled me she wonts to be best friends. Then we hugged and kissed. I went away this weekend with my friends and on Friday night she called me and baled me out for no reason I did not pick up her calls until I got the Tex. messages she sent me—never call me gen . I hate you we are over never getting back together with u. I called he latter that night she said she went out and EVRY one of our friends came up to her with whats going on between us and she told me you no how I hate when people no my prblums. I only told my friends whats going on for advice I toled her and that I am sorry that they said something. But then she told me call me tomorrow. I did not call her she called me I toled her sorry about last night she then toled me she does not evan remember what happened. So I dropped it we had a nice friendly talk. The next night in the club she would not stop calling me aged. She then left a message saying this is the second night I cant go out because I have to go home and wach your dog (she offered to take her for the weekend) but the next day I called her and she was fine. When I got back In town I just fell like she wonts to be friends but I also get the felling like she does not care. But when we book up she wonted to be best friends how can this weekend CHANG all of that. Do I talk to her I do wont to get back together but if not I wont to stay friends we did not brake up on bad terms and she is the one that said that she wonts to be best friends

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This girl seem to be pretty stressful from what I understand. If all your asking is if you should try to get back with her or become friends...talk to to her about it. My personel opinion would to become good friends. If something were to happen or is going to happen, it will happen by itself. Dont force anything. Im sure you dont, just be sure of that though. Im saying become friends with her and see what happens from there

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