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what are some REAL signs that a guy that a girl has been friends and "friends" with for over a year..and has gone all the way with them.......whats the signs of the guy likeing the girl? like really likeing her...like what will he do...say...all that good stuff....

please reply A.S.A.P.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You didn't say much about your relationship, but what I can tell you is that you will feel if he likes you or not. really, you know right now if he does or not. you are in doubt with yourself. why dont you ask him ? I'm sure he'd give you a straight up answer and then you'll know for sure.

trust your 6th sense, it's there for a reason.

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I knew this girl for 2 years as a fren N likes her now. She likes me too. Signs i will tell her if when she starts too think i am dating some1. It a hard feeling for me to accept that she thinks i am un-availible for her. It's like closing down on my chances so i would tell her i don like any girls N i love being single. Until 1 day i am high after partying with my frens when i SMS her I Love U msg..... Hahaz..... She don reply back thinking i am joking, so i sms her again so what u think abt it? she say she was too shocked. SO i call her.... and talk bla bla bla.... so final conclusion is just jokingly flirt with him or say i love u jokingly N see his reaction from there.... GD LUCK!!!

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