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ive been friends with this girl for close to 5 years, we recently established that we liked eachother and since then have been in a more then friends less then b/f g/f relationship. At a party friday i noticed her being very close wit another guy, which made me uncomfortable...as it would to any guy. I told her about it and she said that they were just friends and he always did that sorta thing (which made me feel A LOT better....NOT!). Shes told me she doesnt wanna get into a relationship at this point cause shes supposedly not ready, but is this fair to me? I have to watch this go on and cant do anythin bout it cause we arent together...what do i do?

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Hiya. Considering you two aren't actually dating, isn't it unfair of you to make that sort of demand upon her?


One of the hardest things for me in a relationship is to accept when I have no claim upon a person. From the sound of your post, it sounds like this is the case in your situation. You don't have a claim on her.


Talk to her about what you're feeling though


And, for the record, not all guys would have an issue with this. My husband certainly doesn't mind when I snuggle with some of my male friends. He's secure in our relationship

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