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girl stuck on another guy

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theres this girl i am really into, we have been hanging out alot lately b/c one of my friends told me bout her and how i should get to know her. well, we have alot in common and i am feeling something for her. but i was talking to her best friend and how i am really liking her and all, she said she knows she loves me like a friend and she doesnt want to loose that, but that she is extremely stuck on this guy she had a thing for month with, but this guy does not like her anymore, but she is still stuck on him. i am there for her all the time and i always will be, but should i just not try to extend our relationship now b/c of this stuck issue, how long does something like that usually take to get over. i am really nice and complimentitive of her and we get along great, she tells me bout her probs and i listend and am there and junk. just what should i do here, input appreciated. thanks

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well, you shouldnt go by what her friend is telling you. yeah, her friend might know more about what she's feeling than you, but her friend might have gotten it all wrong, or maybe just thinks that she wouldnt want to be your gf because she still likes this guy. i think you should talk to this girl. ask her how she would feel if you two became more than friends. get her opinion from her, of maybe talk to more of her friends. the only way to know for sure is to ask.

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