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whats your take on kissing after oral sex? just last weekend i went down on my partner and after i didnt think she wanted to kiss me but she didnt care, and neither did i, so that was cool. but im not sure if id want to kiss her after she went down on me, i think i probably would but im not sure. anyways whats your take on this issue?

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Well, in the heat of sex with a girl you have deep feelings for, just about anything goes. But, if that's not where you are with her, and you think it's kinda dirty or gross, then don't do it.


If you're really asking whether it's somehow homosexual to kiss her at that time, I think the answer is definitely NO. You're kissing your woman, after all. Kiss her well and whenever you want.

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the thought of it being homosexual plays no part in the issue, well at least in my case. im crazy in love with this girl and vice versa, everything is open and we both feel completely comfortable around each other, including being naked. personally i probalby couldnt hold back from kissing her after she goes down on me, but i was just wondering what other peoples view on the subject was, i.e. would or would not kiss after. thanks

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