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ok. please help. i have no clue how to do this. ive only kissed my BF twice and that was jsut a little peck on the lips but i think we may go farther with kissing so please help. i dont wanna look like a total idiot (and please dont give me any of that it comes natural, last tiem i tried natural with my old boyfriend we ended up breaking up a week later cuz it just wasnt going right)

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well.....uhhhhh...hmmm...when your kissing him...just...uhhhh...wow this is a hard one...just go with the flow, when you guys are kissing just slip your toung in....SLOWLY! if you go to fast you mess the hole thing up and then you end up slowing his or her tongue its gross...it happened to me before. The first time i ever hade a french was when my GF ever had a french...and believe me its just so easy...and it would help to know how old you are

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Hey yea i am 13 and i am about to make out for the first time tooo im sooo freakin nervous i have no idea and really when u say it just comes naturlaly that doesnt make me feel andy better!!! and someone please tell me how to get my own topic so i wont have to do this in other peoples thing like how do i make my own lil "room" so ppl can reply to me? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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