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i liked this guy he told me alot about him and his family problems and then a few days went by and the feelings i once had for him r gone and he likes me alot and i want to break up wit him but i don't want to hurt him or anything like that. So my Question is how do i break up wit him wit out hurtin him.

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hmmm well that depends...did he know that you had feelings for him?, and is it that he told you all about him self and he wasnt your type?, well as far as telling him you DONT have feelings for him , i know its kinda hard but you just gotta let him know so he wont get to like you even MORE than he already does, is eaither tell him flat out now, or let him keep thinkin what he wants and he'll be even more hurt living in his own world (thinking you have feelings that you dont)

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