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sadly in love


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i got this problem whit a boy. his is going at my school... and i'm very in love whit him.. but he dosent love me.. what am i going to do. it's driving me crazy.. every time he see's me he is walk away from me.. i don't know what to do pleas help me..



a teenager.. sadly in love

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Hi KillyN,


Theres not a lot you can do here I'm afraid. You can't make someone like you, you can only show them your strengths and hope they see, attract to and admire them.


Your attraction to the guy might not have to change - you can still be attracted to him, but you should forget the idea of having a relationship with him as it doesn't look too likely right now.


Hope this helps some,

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hey killyN

i agree completely with charmed, you cannot change the course of someone loving you this is done naturall. as long as you are not false and you are true in the way you act whatever comes of life comes of life.

this boy cannot be forced into loving (not saying that you are) but keave him to lead his emotions and if he decides to come to you then you will know he is true.


good luck and ont be scared of the outcome.


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