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Tarot Cards and Palm Readings


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HI everyone,


Yesterday my friend invited me to go to a pshycic party that his aunt is having. He said that they have had it before and it was fun. He said that the pshycic reads palms and does tarot card readings. My question is to those who kno about this stiuff. Do you find that tarot card readings or palm readings are true? Is this just all in the persons mind, or is it for real?



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Hi there bro,

Well I've never been to a psychic but I had a friend of mine that went last year, anyway this friend of mine was down in the dumps after his woman dumped him and he went to see a psychic, god only knows why . Anyway she predicted that he would meet someone very special by the end of the year when he leasts expects it.


He did meet someone too, it lasted all of 5 weeks after my pal found out his new girl cheated on him with 2 other guys. So yeah, she wasn't really somone "special". She was just a cheat that was using him.


Anyway I don't really believe in that stuff, but hey I'm not an expert in this field. There might be a very few select people that are real psychics, but most are just phonies who want your $$$.


Well if you go to this "psychic reading party" whatever she says don't take it too seriously, just take it as fun.


Just my 2 cents.

Have fun.

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Take it as fun, and only entertainment. If the commercials you see on late night television are "true psychics", then why would they have "for entertainment purposes only" written in small print at the bottom of the screen?


I personally don't believe in any of this, but I can't fault someone for believing... I can't exactly prove anything. I myself can read tarot cards, and there's nothing psychic about it really, theres just a method to learn. If spending the time to learn how to read these makes me a psychic, then I suppose I am one.


All in all, take it how you want, and have fun, but don't get too wrapped up in anything. Most of the time they make the responses or "readings" so vague that they would work for anyone in any situation.


Just my opinions... I'm sure others feel differently, though!


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I have been using tarot cards since I was 16 (am 33 now). I have had hundreds of readings done for myself...for one particular question or a general reading...and I have never had any negative readings. There are a lot of phoney's that just want your money, and I have probably had readings done by some of them! But, if I were you, I would relax, and take it as innocent fun, but don't be surprised by the accuracy of certain things. I learned to read tarot 15 years ago, and I truly believe in the cards, but that is my personal choice. The cards will tell you how things can/could be, NOT how they are/will be. You have freewill, and you can change anything you want to...

Have a great time

Love Kitty xx

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