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What is cybersex?


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ciber-sex is when two people type what there are doing or what they what to do over an chat box. I find this a wast of time but that is just me. Can you have sex over the internet? No But cyber-sex is the closeest thing you can do. I would like to say welcom to enotalone.

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I have done it a couple times, and its a lot of fun.


Imagine a romance novel, thats very passionate, many women like them, for many women sex starts in the mind. Men on the other hand are more into visuals.


Well now imagine a passionate romance novel that is interactive and tailored just for you! thats what cyber-sex is.


I enjoy taking her on a trip, in a way its very romantic, expressing yourself in words, using your imagination, its not a substitute for actual sex, its an addition to the relationship.


Stimulating her mind as well as her body, whether it be in person or over a distance can be very exciting.


But in todays society with imagination sapping TV, and instant everything, many just dont get it.


I on the other hand, when Im reading a book, or the words of the woman I love, I get transported to the world she or I have created, In my minds eye, I imagine her beauty and feel her touches, and she mine. if words from a book can make you cry or laugh, then your a candidate for cybersex.

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