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What's prefered?


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well unfortunatley for me, i always feel that there shouldnt be a split in people, i dont tend to go not for a type but a personality. it seems that i have a high opinion and belief that since everyone has the right to be different they can then also be given equal chances instead of categorized.

sorry i guess this really didnt help in your quest to find the most preferred group but thats my opinion.


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I dunno, always seems it's not so much the type, but the person who manages to make an impression beyond the "type" who gets more attention, the ones who don't fade into the crowd for some reason, whether it's cause of confidence in manner, how they talk, just being that little bit different enough to get noticed where more people think they're interesting Letting some personality show through usually gets people interested enough to wanna know more. Any guy I've been attracted to, they've been very different from each other on the surface and not of the same "type", but just had some little thing personality wise that was different from their buddies and got my attention!

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